This is our google maps app/layer to help guide you around the battlefield!

The map is displayed below. You can use it here but for best results click on the icon at the top right of the map icon it looks something like this [ ]

Once you do that a window should pop up and ask how you want to open it. You want to open it in google maps. From here you can click on the Gettysbike Tour map tab (usually at the bottom). Once you click on it a menu will show up with different names, it is here that you can select what you would like to see. You can also search fro specific locations and monuments by typing in the search box of the map.

This app/layer is not finished yet. I have a good number of pictures left to add as well as some more details on different monuments. This is a test and if you use it I would like your feedback of how well it works for you, what you would like to see it have, spelling and grammar (there are some I promise!), as well as any other suggestions you may have!





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